Do you have a hyperactive dog who’s always looking out for something to do? Or do are you looking out for activities with which you can keep your dog occupied while you’re busy with something or away for work? Well, we’ve got a load of activities which will keep your dog happy as well as occupied! Check them out:

Paper bags and boxes:
Your dog will spend hours together fiddling with these! Watch him play with the paper bag and box, pushing it around, trying to get into it, getting stuck in it and trying to come out of it! Just as a precaution, make holes in the bag and box, just in case your dog’s head gets stuck in, and he’s unable to get himself out. Always better to be safe! But otherwise, your little chap is going to have a ball playing with these!

Something to chew:
Get your dog something to chew – it not only keeps them occupied but will also keep them away from chewing something that’s important to you, for example, your shoes! Get them a toy from the pet store that they can sit chewing whenever they’re bored and keep you and your mind to focus on some work.


Why not stimulate your dog’s mental senses by giving him some puzzles to play? There are a lot of dog-friendly puzzles available in pet shops – so get one which suits your dog best. And then, watch him keep himself busy trying to solve them! This will sharpen your dog’s senses and make him more active and alert. You may even have fun playing the puzzles with the little champ!

Indoor obstacle course:
If you have the space and time for this one-time investment, go ahead with it! Your dog will amuse himself going through the obstacle course again and again! He may even pick out his favorite obstacle and keep going through it over and over again!

Get him a play date:
Nothing’s better than putting two dogs that get along well on a play date together! So if you’re busy with some work or going out, call upon a friend who has a dog too. Both your dogs will entertain themselves, while you’ll have your friend to look after them too! Play dates are really fun, and dogs love them too!

There you go – easy tips to keep your dog busy while you’re busy!