Often time’s canines which suffer from boredom both physically and mentally resort to continuous and repetitive nonstop barking. You can redress this by providing your dog with fluffy or stuffed chewy toys to engage the dog during your absence. You can consider taking the dog for a long walk and letting him interact with the environment at his own pace. The underlying aspect is not to let your dog remain idle and succumb to boredom which leads to such barking.

Fear and anxiety

Canines suffering from emotional distress and fear can often resort to barking as a means of expressing their anguish and fear. It is imperative that you make the dog understand there is no need to be fearful of something they cannot apprehend. Ability to understand what causes such anxiety can help solve such issue.


Dogs will nearly bark at anything and everything that pops up in the environment of unfamiliar nature. Guarding breed dogs specifically tend to display such characteristics. Although it is not bad behavior, it can be unwanted sometimes. For this, you can avail an alternative solution to redress it by commanding a strong, “come back here” during their barking. This will bound to catch the attention and come back to you, which you should accompany with treats till it, becomes a custom.


Dogs tend to bark as a form of luring and gaining your attention. Dogs do not understand when we may be busy working or occupied with something else. So they resort to continuous barking till you give attention to them. You can suppress these tendencies by commanding the dog to sit or lie down and remain quiet accompanied with treats when performing the command. Dogs are smart and will not stay silent for long and will be a matter of time only before they begin their next session of barking or screaming for attention. Another better alternative is by letting the dog bark till it is thoroughly exhausted and until it slowly understands the situation that you are busy.


Another form of ridiculous and continuous barking is when dogs feel overly enthusiastic and heightened excitement. You can find a solution to their excited barking by making them perform commands such as sit, lie down and simple tricks like giving you a handshake and followed up by mandatory treats upon accomplishment of such commands. Training impulsive control techniques can help benefit dogs from such erratic barking as well.