• Every dog loves its human more than it fancies itself which is evident from the manner in how they greet you irrespective of long you have been absent, being 5 minutes or 5 months.
  • Dogs are adorable cuddle companions and ensure you don’t have to go to bed alone when you have these furry, lovable canines by your side.
  • Dogs are so pure that they find the utmost happiness in the most minuscule of things, such as a tasty treat, a long walk, and all-time favorite car ride.
  • Dogs are perfect companions while watching TV as they do not grab the remote and change your favorite show; rather they enjoy it with you.

  • Quite simply, dogs are the best since they do not depict any mood swings or take out their frustration on you like humans. Cats are just selfish. Dogs will always love you unconditionally from the moment they lay their eyes on you.
  • You can take awesome selfies and photographs with them since they are big four-legged goofs and insanely cute.
  • By watching their happiness in the smallest things will teach you the valuable lesson of learning to appreciate everything in your life and enjoying the moment.
  • A study confirmed that bringing your pets, specifically dogs can light up the office with enthusiasm and excitement and make your day much better.

  • The AMA or American Heart Association claims that owning a dog can help you prevent heart disease by engaging you in physical and outdoor games with them.
  • Dogs are regarded as the perfect workout partners as they come and motivate you to get out of bed with their adorable eyes and moreover do not judge you in how you exercise. Dogs just want to share an outdoor adventure with your presence.
  • Humans can learn a lot from dogs. Dogs are capable of silencing their difference from their natural born rivals and enemies, cats. So why can’t we then?
  • Introducing a dog to a child’s life can help teach the child valuable lessons such as empathy, kindness, adventure and sense of responsibility.
  • Dogs are born with the talent and ability to identify when you are feeling down and blue. Sharing a moment of sadness with dogs can make all the difference as they do not judge you and are perfect listeners.
  • Medical research indicates that the sense of smell in a dog is so strong that it can help the dog identify any cancerous cells present in the body by sniffing, pointing and barking at it till they get our attention.
  • Having dogs in your life is for a fact bound to make it more enjoyable and fun.

Laughter can cure many diseases. And you are bound to laugh almost every day when you have a dog in your life.