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Reasons why dogs are the best companions

  • Every dog loves its human more than it fancies itself which is evident from the manner in how they greet you irrespective of long you have been absent, being 5 minutes or 5 months.
  • Dogs are adorable cuddle companions and ensure you don’t have to go to bed alone when you have these furry, lovable canines by your side.
  • Dogs are so pure that they find the utmost happiness in the most minuscule of things, such as a tasty treat, a long walk, and all-time favorite car ride.
  • Dogs are perfect companions while watching TV as they do not grab the remote and change your favorite show; rather they enjoy it with you.

  • Quite simply, dogs are the best since they do not depict any mood swings or take out their frustration on you like humans. Cats are just selfish. Dogs will always love you unconditionally from the moment they lay their eyes on you.
  • You can take awesome selfies and photographs with them since they are big four-legged goofs and insanely cute.
  • By watching their happiness in the smallest things will teach you the valuable lesson of learning to appreciate everything in your life and enjoying the moment.
  • A study confirmed that bringing your pets, specifically dogs can light up the office with enthusiasm and excitement and make your day much better.

  • The AMA or American Heart Association claims that owning a dog can help you prevent heart disease by engaging you in physical and outdoor games with them.
  • Dogs are regarded as the perfect workout partners as they come and motivate you to get out of bed with their adorable eyes and moreover do not judge you in how you exercise. Dogs just want to share an outdoor adventure with your presence.
  • Humans can learn a lot from dogs. Dogs are capable of silencing their difference from their natural born rivals and enemies, cats. So why can’t we then?
  • Introducing a dog to a child’s life can help teach the child valuable lessons such as empathy, kindness, adventure and sense of responsibility.
  • Dogs are born with the talent and ability to identify when you are feeling down and blue. Sharing a moment of sadness with dogs can make all the difference as they do not judge you and are perfect listeners.
  • Medical research indicates that the sense of smell in a dog is so strong that it can help the dog identify any cancerous cells present in the body by sniffing, pointing and barking at it till they get our attention.
  • Having dogs in your life is for a fact bound to make it more enjoyable and fun.

Laughter can cure many diseases. And you are bound to laugh almost every day when you have a dog in your life.

Silent killers of cats


Chronic kidney disease

Commonly known as CKD, chronic kidney disease means that over 75 percent of both the kidneys present in the feline’s body fails to perform correctly. Symptoms of CKD in cats include excessive drinking of water and urination, larger bowel movement and stools, weight loss, bad breath owing to the formation of ulcers, lethargy, and hiding. Don’t worry as with proper health management, CKD can be treated enabling the cat to live for more years to come. Including a low-protein diet, taking regular blood tests, appropriate medications and fluids can significantly help.


Hyperthyroidism exists when the thyroid gland in the feline produces excessive amounts of thyroid hormone. Significant symptoms of hyperthyroidism to watch out for are vomiting, diarrhea, excessive water intake and urination, substantial weight reduction, racing heart, hypertension, and secondary organ damage. Hyperthyroidism is known to cause a considerable appetite due to increased metabolism despite weight loss. However, effective treatment includes removal of thyroid glands through surgery, special diet, medication and through radioiodine therapy.

Diabetes mellitus

DM or diabetes mellitus are prone to occur in obese and overweight cats mainly. Diabetes means that the pancreas in the body fails to produce adequate amounts of insulin necessary to control sugar levels in the body. Typical symptoms associated with DM are excessive urination, increased intake of water, larger stools, obese figure, extreme hunger, fatigue, abnormal walking, and bad breath. DM can be redressed through following up two shots of insulin each day, consuming high protein diet with minimal carbohydrates, regular blood test and expert examination from the veterinarian.

Cardiac disease

Cardiac disease characteristic symptoms include abnormal heartbeat, excessive heart beating, increased rate of breathing, falling unconscious, difficulties in getting a breath, breathing through the open mouth, blue-tinged gums, acute paralysis, sudden pain which could lead to sudden death. Treatment for prevention of severe cardiac ailments includes taking heart medications, oxygen therapy, blood pressure support, and diuretics.


Cats are prone to gastrointestinal cancer sourced from the presence of lymphosarcoma. Clinical confirmed symptoms of cancer include vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite, difficulty in respiration, bloating of the abdomen, fatigue, and fever. As with any sort of cancer, the faster you notice these symptoms higher are the chances of survival.

Tips on how to socialize a puppy


Like how every human being should possess the necessary social skills to adapt and interact, every dog should be socialized to communicate and interact with other animals and human beings effectively.

Begin early

Once you get the thumbs up from the vet, that it is time for the pup to socialize, you can begin interacting with other neighborhood pets and owners. Taking the young animals to doggy daycare is useful as well considering they teach young ones in socializing with other dogs of various ages. Bringing these young ones to dog parks are a good idea as they will bound to play and become active among different dogs.

Mix it up

Do not make your dog comfortable with only a single age group or breed of dogs as it can later inculcate problems when dealing with dogs outside its comfort zone. Instead, mix up the situations placed in front of the pup by having it interact in the presence of adult dogs, puppies, female and male and of other breeds for better upbringing of socialization.

Remember to be part of your pup’s social interactions and pay attention to your pup’s reactions.  Do not let your young pup face new situations by itself as it can often overwhelm the poor thing. Instead be alongside with the puppy when it interacts with new humans and dogs. If the pup fails to feel secure and starts depicting negative social skills such as anxiety, remove the dog from the situation and caress it by encouraging. If the puppy interacts positively with other dogs and humans, support him by treating him and making him comfortable.

Accept your dog’s limitations and preferences

It is crucial that you as a dog owner understand the fact that not all dogs react like typical dogs when placed in social situations with humans and dogs. Certain dogs find it difficult and uncomfortable among humans and kids while others may find it difficult to interact with other dogs. However, in order to suppress any negative and anger in unwanted in social interactions, it is imperative to seek necessary training from professionals to make sure that the dog even if it is placed in uncomfortable situations remains calm and does not respond with violence. For further details and tips on such cases enquire with your vet.

End of the day, remember that your dog’s happiness is more important than your need to satisfy social interaction needs. So love and take care of the dog and tend to avoid social anxiety related situations.

Tips on how to keep your dog free from ticks


Ticks are minuscule creatures that latch on to the skin of dogs and spread various ailments which can be life-threatening as well. Here are a few tips to watch out for in keeping your dog free from these menaces.

Identify which season is tick season

These nuisances of a creature are prevalent all around the nation. In order to keep your dog safe from them you are required to keep a close watch on them, and with the help of your local veterinarian, you can stay away seasons where ticks flourish.

Understand the lay of the land

It is for the fact that ticks tend to thrive in dense vegetation. These creatures crawl and make their way up and eventually jump and latch on to passerby animals. It is recommended to avoid thick vegetation, particularly during their flourishing season.

Avail tick prevention medication

There are a variety of tick preventive products such as tick collars and medicines which are to be taken orally or massaged on to the surface of the dog. It is best to seek expert advice from your vet on which medication is suitable for your breed.

Daily frisk your dog

It is recommended to search and check your dog daily for any ticks present on its body particularly after outside picnics with the dog. Tend to check the areas of the neck, ears, and head as these are the ticks preferred areas of bite.

Save the ticks you remove

Different species of tips are known to produce various and distinctive diseases. So, accumulating the ticks, you encounter from your dog can help the vet in recognizing what diagnosis to give along with their proper medication. Store these minute creatures in a container filled with isopropyl alcohol.

Extract the embedded ticks properly

Tend to remove the tick as soon as possible as it lessens the risk of the dog sustaining any diseases from the tick. Seek your vet’s advice on how to effectively remove the tick. Remember to wear gloves when extracting these ticks for hygienic and safety purposes.

Consider the Lyme disease vaccine

Vets recommend vaccinating the dogs against the risk of sustaining Lyme diseases applicable through tick bites in areas where ticks tend to thrive. And for those dogs not in proximity with flourishing tick areas isn’t recommended to get the injection.

Seek immediate medical care post-tick-borne disease

Understand what the symptoms of a tick-borne illness are and keep an eye out for any such signs arising from your dog. If the dog depicts such symptoms, seek immediate medical care and treatment for a positive result for the dog.

5 Essential Grooming Supplies For Your Pet Dog

  1. Dog Brushes and Combs – 

Canines/ dogs can have such vast numbers of hair types, so it’s nothing unexpected that there are such vast amounts of kinds of puppy brushes accessible. Pick a brush or brush that best suits your canine’s hair. Your canine may profit by more that one type of brush or brush. The distinctive sorts of brushes are; Bristle brushes, Wire-stick brushes, Slicker brushes, Rakes and tangle breakers, shedding devices and Flea brushes.


  1. Nail Trimmers – 


Nail trims can be unpleasant for puppies and owners alike. Learning of legitimate procedures and utilization of the correct devices can help facilitate the procedure. The diverse kinds are; Claw-style, Guillotine trimmers, Scissor-like trimmers, Scraping devices granulate down the nails step by step and result in a smooth edge-nail. Essential emery sheets can be utilized on little, fragile nails. Power turning instruments, for example, the Peticure Grooming Tool, chip away at all nail types.

  1. Canine Shampoos – 


Showering your puppy is considerably more successful when you utilize the correct cleanser. Continuously pick a cleanser free cleanser that is proposed for use on pooches. Here are some usual assortments; without a tear, Oatmeal cleanser, Natural cleanser, Medicated shampoos and so on. Conditioners are utilized after the cleanser to help keep your puppy’s jacket saturated, gleaming, and sans tangle. Some are intended to be flushed off while others can be left on the coat to dry. Conditioners are not always essential to utilize.



  1. Pooch Ear Care – 


Appropriate ear care for mutts is frequently neglected, yet it is similarly as imperative as upkeep of hair and nails. Converse with a veterinary expert or groomer about appropriate methods previously you start. NEVER use cotton-tipped swabs or liquor in your pooch’s ears! Things to use instead are; Ear chemicals, Cotton balls or cushions, Ear powder, Hemostats and so forth. Ear prescriptions might be endorsed by a vet for canines with ear conditions, for example, diseases or ear vermin.


  1. Pooch Hair Clippers – 

Not all pooches will require hairstyles. Short-haired puppies shouldn’t be shaved or cut. A few mutts with medium hair, for example, Golden Retrievers, may profit by periodic “shave-downs.” However, hounds with fur that continues developing, similar to Poodles or Shih Tzus, must be trimmed all the time. Puppy groomers and pet proprietors regularly utilize electric scissors to give hounds a quick, perfect, and uniform cut. Experienced groomers may likewise use haircutting scissors to trim or contact up long hair conveniently. If you are not prepared to use scissors, it might be best to stay with electric scissors. It is critical never to utilize scissors to remove mats. You could genuinely harm your pooch! Utilize electric scissors or different brushes for this

Facts About Cats

  • While it is regularly believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to tame felines, the most established realized pet cat was as of late found in a 9,500-year-old grave on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This grave originates before early Egyptian craftsmanship delineating cats by 4,000 years or more.
  • During the season of the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent VIII denounced cats as underhanded, and a large number of felines were burned. Tragically, the far-reaching slaughtering of cats prompted a blast of the rodent populace, which exacerbated the impacts of the Black Death.

  • Unlike dogs, felines do not have a sweet tooth. Researchers trust this is because of a change in a vital taste receptor.
  • When a feline pursues its prey, it keeps its head level. Canines and people sway their heads all over.
  • The specific term for a feline’s hairball is a “bezoar.”
  • A gathering of cats is known as a “clowder.”
  • A cat can not climb head initially down a tree because each hook on a cat’s paw focuses a similar way. To get down from a tree, a cat should down.
  • Cats make around 100 unique sounds. Mutts make just about 10.
  • There are over 500 million residential cats on the planet, with roughly 40 perceived breeds.
  • Approximately 24 cats skins can make a coat.

  • During the Middle Ages, cats were related with witchcraft, and on St. John’s Day, individuals all over the Europian region would stuff them into sacks and hurl them into campfires. On blessed days, individuals celebrated by hurling cats from chapel towers.
  • The primary cat in space was a French feline named Felicette (a.k.a. “Astrocat”) In the year 1963, France shot the cat into space. Anodes embedded in her cerebrums sent neurological flags back to Earth. She endures the outing.
  • The gathering of words related to a cat (catt, cath, talk, Katze) originates from the Latin catus, which means local feline, rather than feles, or wild cat.
  • The expression “puss” is the foundation of the main word for “cat” in the Romanian expression pisica and the base of secondary words in Lithuanian (puz) and Low German puus. A few researchers recommend that “puss” could be imitative of the murmuring sound used to stand out enough to be noticed. As slang for the female pudenda, it could be related to the undertone of a cat being delicate, warm, and fuzzy.
  • Approximately 40,000 individuals are nibbled by a cat in the U.S. every year.
  • Cats are North America’s most famous pets: there are 73 million cats contrasted with 63 million pooches. Over 30% of family units in North America possess a pet cat.
  • According to Hebrew legend, Noah appealed to God for help ensuring all the nourishment he put away on the ark from being eaten by rodents. In answer, God made the lion wheeze, and out popped a cat.

Top Cat Grooming Tools


The following are the best-recommended grooming tools for your cat. There are nine of them mentioned in the list, but you can pick and choose what suits your feline and you the best to develop that extra special bond!


  1. The FURminator – 

The FURmintator comes to beneath your feline’s topcoat to tenderly expel free hairs and decrease shedding by up to 90%.


  1. EarthbathAll Natural Cat Wipes – 

Earthbath Cat Wipes are hypo-allergenic and aroma free. They securely wipe away dander, earth, and spit buildup.


  1. Four Paws Magic Coat Instant Mat Removing Comb-


In the event that your feline experiences serious difficulties working out mats in her hide, or on the off chance that they are in spots that she can’t achieve well, this tangle expelling brush is an incredible device.


  1. Kitty Tongue Gentle Cat Grooming and Massage Glove –


The Kitty Tongue Grooming Glove is an excellent alternative for felines who doubt conventional brushes and preparing devices. You should simply slide the glove onto your hand and stroke her like typical. The velcro-like surfaces will feel like a feline’s tongue to her, helping her to remember being prepared as a cat.



  1. SmartyKat Brush Up Cat Grooming Post –


The SmartyKat Grooming Post requires negligible exertion on your end. Your feline will just rub facing the elastic fibers, which will expel free hide while she gets a decent back rub.


  1. Yogo Professional Pet Nail Clippers –


Yogo Nail Clippers have been affirmed by best veterinarians the country over. The best piece of these scissors is that they have a speedy sensor security watch, so you’ll never need to stress over unintentionally cutting delicate nerves.


  1. Veterinarian’s Best Waterless Cat Bath –

Veterinarian’s Best Waterless Cat Bath cleans your feline and gives her a sparkly and saturated coat without submerging her in water.


  1. Flawless Cat Grooming Arch –


This Grooming Arch brushes your feline for you as she rubs against it. The curve is anything but difficult to clean, as well! Essentially vacuum it to expel the collected hair.


  1. Nylabone Advanced Oral Cat Dental Kit- 

The Nylabone Cat Dental Kit accompanies a brush that has been uniquely intended to fit a feline’s minor mouth. Ordinary brushing in the middle of dental checkups can help diminish the danger of oral malady. Felines are infamous for prepping themselves well, however now and again they require a little help. The devices referenced above simply encourage and make the way toward prepping a mess progressively less demanding and a good time for both the pet and the owner. Prepping time can likewise fill in as a fun holding session between the two. So proceed, take up those devices from a store close-by and set out on a superb experience of self-disclosure with your feline!

Suggestions on how to help your dog stop barking



Often time’s canines which suffer from boredom both physically and mentally resort to continuous and repetitive nonstop barking. You can redress this by providing your dog with fluffy or stuffed chewy toys to engage the dog during your absence. You can consider taking the dog for a long walk and letting him interact with the environment at his own pace. The underlying aspect is not to let your dog remain idle and succumb to boredom which leads to such barking.

Fear and anxiety

Canines suffering from emotional distress and fear can often resort to barking as a means of expressing their anguish and fear. It is imperative that you make the dog understand there is no need to be fearful of something they cannot apprehend. Ability to understand what causes such anxiety can help solve such issue.


Dogs will nearly bark at anything and everything that pops up in the environment of unfamiliar nature. Guarding breed dogs specifically tend to display such characteristics. Although it is not bad behavior, it can be unwanted sometimes. For this, you can avail an alternative solution to redress it by commanding a strong, “come back here” during their barking. This will bound to catch the attention and come back to you, which you should accompany with treats till it, becomes a custom.


Dogs tend to bark as a form of luring and gaining your attention. Dogs do not understand when we may be busy working or occupied with something else. So they resort to continuous barking till you give attention to them. You can suppress these tendencies by commanding the dog to sit or lie down and remain quiet accompanied with treats when performing the command. Dogs are smart and will not stay silent for long and will be a matter of time only before they begin their next session of barking or screaming for attention. Another better alternative is by letting the dog bark till it is thoroughly exhausted and until it slowly understands the situation that you are busy.


Another form of ridiculous and continuous barking is when dogs feel overly enthusiastic and heightened excitement. You can find a solution to their excited barking by making them perform commands such as sit, lie down and simple tricks like giving you a handshake and followed up by mandatory treats upon accomplishment of such commands. Training impulsive control techniques can help benefit dogs from such erratic barking as well.

Facts about Dogs

  • The typical city hound lives three years longer than a nation hound.
  • 87% of dog owners state their canine twists up next to them or at their feet while they sit in front of the TV
  • Canines can be prepared to distinguish epileptic seizures.
  • Fifteen individuals lost their lives in the U.S. consistently from dog bites.
  • In 2002, additional individuals in the U.S. were slaughtered by dogs than by sharks during the previous 100 years.

  • Newfoundlands are extraordinary swimmers due to their webbed feet.
  • Basset Hounds cannot swim.
  • Greyhounds are the quickest dogs on earth, with paces of up to 45 miles for every hour.
  • Bingo is the name of the dog in favor of the Cracker Jack box.
  • The Bible notices dogs multiple times.
  • Three dogs endure the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese.
  • The Labrador Retriever is the #1 most loved breed in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • Obesity is the #1 medical issue among dogs.
  • An expected 1,000,000 dogs in the U.S. have been named as the essential recipients in their proprietor’s will.

  • An American Animal Hospital Association. The survey found that 33% of puppy owners confess to conversing with their mutts on the telephone and leaving voice-mail messages for them while away.
  • It is a legend that dogs are partially blind. They can really find in shading, only not as strikingly as people. It is like our vision at nightfall.
  • Puppies DO have preferable low-light vision over people as a result of an extraordinary light-reflecting layer behind their retinas.
  • A German Shepherd direct canine drove her visually impaired partner through the whole 2100-mile Appalachian Trail.
  • In the event that never spayed or fixed, a female puppy, her mate, and their pups could create more than 66,000 dogs in 6 years!
  • A dog’s’ sweat glands are between their paw pads.
  • Like human infants, Chihuahuas are brought into the world with a weakness in their skull which closes with age.
  • The Lundehune breed has six toes and can close its ears.
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s puppy, Pete, ripped a French Ambassador’s jeans off at the White House.
  • President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her.
  • Franklin Roosevelt burned through $15,000 for a destroyer to get his Scottie in the Aleutian Islands.
  • In Roman occasions, mastiffs wore light protective layer and were sent after mounted knights.
  • The Russians trained mutts during WWII to run suicide missions with mines lashed to their backs.
  • A dog’s mouth applies 150-200 pounds of weight for each square inch. Some puppy breeds can apply up to 450 pounds for every square inch.
  • A one-year-old dog is as develop, physically, as a 15-year old human.
  • The U.S. has the most astounding dog populace on the planet. France has the second most elevated puppy populace.

A healthy diet for your pets – what you should include?

If you have pets, you must have realized that they require much more care and attention than even humans do! You have to take care of their every need – right from their hygiene, health to playing with them and giving them attention – you got to do it all!  Among all this, the diet of your pet is to be highlighted – special attention has to be directed towards what your pet eats and what he needs. We’ve come up with a comprehensive diet requirement that you have to ensure your pet is fed adequately with:


Just like we all have out protein requirements, our pets too, have their designated protein intake. What can be included in the protein part of your pet’s diet? Quite similar to what protein means to us! You can readily include fish, chicken, lamb, soy, grains such as quinoa, millet, protein-rich vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli amongst others. Make sure you keep remixing versions of these ingredients in various recipes to make sure your pet gets variety too. Plus, make sure your pet isn’t allergic to any of the protein you plan to add to its diet.


Fat content in your pet’s diet is important too – for those stored energy reserves to keep your pet active and kicking. Also, fats play an essential role to maintain healthy skin – yes, for your pets too. Plus, they play an important role in reproduction too. Among fat, you can include any lean meat fat, fish oil, any other oil – sunflower, safflower, canola and the likes of it.


High carbohydrate content food has to make its way in your pet’s diet. Pets derive most of their energy from the carbs they consume. Also, carbohydrates ensure your pets get enough fiber content to keep their digestive tract healthy and also, to keep constipation at bay.  Make a conscious effort to include carbohydrates in bigger portions in the daily food intake of your pet. Amongst a whole lot of carbs available out there you can surely feed your pet with – barley, brown rice, oats, potatoes, and whole corn. These are fully digestible and instant energy providers for your pets.

Vitamins and minerals:

Apart from what you organically feed your pets, added supplements are required to keep them healthy too. You can contact your vet for the extras to be added, apart from the vitamins and minerals derived from the vegetables and fruits you serve your pet.